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   G.A.B. was born on June 12th of 1983 in California..... Raised in sub-standard conditions throughout many years of his childhood bouncing back and fourth around different schools and housing, calling Sacramento home for many years of his life. Throughout many rough patches of living Music seemed to be one of the few things that could allow him to escape that moment at hand...This then transformed into poetry through his quiet and self contained High school years. Shortly after finding poetry to be a great emotional release G.A.B. stumbled into Hip-Hop. This new found Gift allowed him to become a known force in the Freestyle Battle scene. A Beast had emerged. G.A.B. traveled a long hard path for years carving out his style one opponent at a time....In 2005 he was crowned the First Freestyle Federation Champion of Sacramento Battles. Throughout 2006 he continued to Battle week in and week out, battling against known greats like Marvaless, Young Bop, The Mercenaries and many others along the way.



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