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Monday, 16 March 2015 12:08


G.A.B. was born on June 12th of 1983 in California..... Raised in sub-standard conditions throughout many years of his childhood bouncing back and fourth around different schools and housing, calling Sacramento home for many years of his life. Throughout many rough patches of living Music seemed to be one of the few things that could allow him to escape that moment at hand.... This then transformed into poetry through his quiet and self contained High school years. Shortly after finding poetry to be a great emotional release G.A.B. stumbled into Hip-Hop. This new found Gift allowed him to become a known force in the Freestyle Battle scene. A Beast had emerged. G.A.B. traveled a long hard path for years carving out his style one opponent at a time....

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Monday, 16 March 2015 12:02

M.C. QBall916

What it do?! My name is Micah Calvert, better known as M.C. QBall916. My new album, "Greater Than", will be available this fall, if not earlier... You may have seen me perform at one of the hundreds of shows I've been involved in since ekin2K and I started 916groove.com, or acting the fool on YouTube... The single below will be for sale here shortly (Can't Be Broke", featuring Pete Space of HGL / Soundcap Audio and ROB ROY of California Bear Gang!) I also appear on Elevator Music presents Unification, with a multitude of other talented folks... available at www.elevatormusicentertainment.com, Amazon.com, Napster, and Shockhound.... M.C. QBall will now write about himself in the 3rd person (sounds more official!).
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Monday, 16 March 2015 11:51

De Marco “BiggMann” Thomas

BiggMann was born in San Fransisco, CA and raised in Sacramento. He began his music career in the summer of 1993. Since then he has won rap competitions, released albums and has become a self taught engineer. Bigg has had the opportunity to work with artists such as Keak Da Sneak, The Jacka, San Quinn, Doey Rock, Marvaless, Bueno, J. Ali, and many more. BiggMann is very experienced in the music business, he has managed recording studios, making sure clientele was steady and the bills were paid. Geddog Records being one of them. He has opened shows for E-40 at venues packed with more than 3,000 people in attendance. BiggMann has also performed in Hollywood for the 2003 “VH1 Save The Music Tour” He has over 21,000 followers on Twitter, and also has followers on Youtube and other social networks as well. Most of BiggMann’s videos were self shot and directed.
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Monday, 16 March 2015 11:45

Mahtie Bush

There is so much talent in the Sacramento Hip-Hop scene that has yet to be discovered and recognized by major record labels or distributors. But out of that scene is an up and coming solo hip-hop artist by the name of MahtieBush who has been making a name for himself throughout Northern California and Nevada.MahtieBush’s sound and delivery is mostly compared to Xzibit, Ludacris, and Erick Sermon of EPMD. He is not only talented in the art of emceeing but is also a well-known and respected B-Boy (Break Dancer). During his career, MahtieBush has shared the stage with major artists ranging from Nas, Keith Murray, Heltah Skeltah(Boot Camp Click), Chino XL, The Living Legends, Mistah F.A.B., Tash (The Alkaholiks), Dead Prez, Little Brother, Zion-I, Planet Asia, Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), and Black Sheep. As a member of The Alumni, MahieBush has done shows in Tahiti and throughout Northern Cali, performing with artists like DJ Revolution. MahtieBush has also hosted numerous B-Boy and emcee battles, as well as other events not centered on music.
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Monday, 16 March 2015 11:29


CAP1TAL--AKA--CARTRELL arrived onto the musical platform of Hip Hop & R n B during a time when people begin to question rather the passion in this industry had died. He brings a different vibe to the world of music. After years of changing names from Cartel to L Cartel, this innovative artist, and song writer decided to take things to another level by choosing CAP1TAL(Cartrell) to make that happen. "I feel like the change that is missing in Hip Hop and the roots to change is CAP1TAL in this life, which is me," says CAP1TAL.
His style is like no other and is demonstrated through his unique blend of Hip Hop, Soul and R&B. Currently, he's working on his current project which will feature Prhyme Time, Mark Dawg, Joosah, and a few others from Da Advocatez..As well as putting together Da Advocatez compilation entitled "We Advocated"  Which represents a movement to promote a positive outlook on music in times where clones run the airwaves.
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Monday, 16 March 2015 11:17


Well it all started back in August of 2007, when Mike Carlson AKA “MoneyMike” moved back to California. Mike moved next door to a close friend and was introduced to Jason Forget AKA “Rev~Jay”. With Money Mikes talent and Rev~Jays organization skills, they deceided to dedicate eachday towards making sounds that everyone would enjoy. With the help from close friends and family sharing there input and opinions about the tracks. Over time these tracks turned into masterpieces and Money Mike was the inspiration behind eachone. With alot of lab time on Money Mikes behalf, and the input from everyone we were in contact with, we came up with new music daily. The next step for us was to keep the music going and use this foundation that we had to build off of.Now that the ball was rolling, it was time to take it to the next step and start recruting other talent, expanding our communication skills.
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