The Session Show - Archives Presents : Smoke Gang Takeover. The Gatlin, Marvaless, Spittlez, Blunt Brothas, Lino, Unit 27, Desporado, M.C. QBall916 and DJ Vangloryus. 9pm $10 w/valid ID 21 and up - Blue Lamp 1400 Alhambra Blvd.
An open jam session - Sign ups from 9:00 pm -9 45 pm. Performances by :RIO BARZ, LIGHT-SKINNED CREOLE, LINO, FEMALE PERSPECTIVE +REPO, BEATNOCKS, DJ VANGLORYUS. A FREESTYLE CIPHER 9PM - INFINITY. $5 21 AND OVER WITH VALID ID. Presents the Session. Featuring Cadaver, C-Dubb, Hennessy, Frank White, MC QBall916 and DJ Vangloryus. Hosted by MC QBall916. 21+ with valid I.D.,$5 cover 9PM
Thurs June 20Th 2013 Featuring: Argolis Sounds, Peta Parka, ,Desporado, The Alumni, Light Skinned Creole, M.C. QBall916, Kuntry Blak, Koko Da Mzs, DJ Vangloryus, Hosted by MC QBall916. 21+ with valid I.D.,$5 cover 9PM The Session. Thurs April 18 2013. Featuring: Task One, M.C. QBALL916 and DJ Vangloryus. Hosted by MC QBall916. 21+ with valid I.D.,$5 cover 9PM Presents the Session. FRIDAY MARCH 22. Featuring BROWN HUSTLAZ, GATHERING OF MINDS, LSC, M.C. QBALL916, SHOTTY SHOTT, CALI O, JAY LYN THA RIDA. SPECIAL INVITED GUESTS : PETE SPACE, DA THA TEXTBOOK, HGL. Hosted by MC QBall916. 21+ with valid I.D.,$5 cover 9PM Presents the Session. Featuring CHERRY RED, LIGHT-SKINNED CREOLE, KUNTRY BLAK & KOKO DA MZS, BRUTHA SMITH,TONE DEVILLE, DESPORADO, FEMALE PERSPECTIVE & REPO, M.C. QBALL916 AND DJ VANGLORYUS. Hosted by MC QBall916. 21+ with valid I.D.,$5 cover 9PM Presents the Session. Featuring DJ VanGloryus, Desporado, BiggMann, Miss Me', Light-Skinned Creole, Hennessey, MC QBall916 and Tone Deville. Hosted by MC QBall916. 21+ with valid I.D.,$5 cover 9PM Presents the Session. Featuring X-Kid, Mighty, GLife, Ngalula Dodier, Sea One, City Kidd, Light-Skinned Creole, Hennessey, Tint, Ezay Dozit, G.A.B.. Hosted by MC QBall916. 21+ with valid I.D.,$5 cover 9PM Presents the Session. Featuring Nome Nomadd, SL Franchise, Kobane Shane, LSC, Peta Parka, Ez Duzit, DDU, Hennessey, Cherry Red, Sol, Forensics, Argolis Sounds, PattMann. Presents the Session. Featuring Shotty Shot, Cherry Red, Celsius, Pattmann, Brutha Smith, Kentastic, Madd Son, Young G, Ekin2k, MC Qball916 and DJ Vanorius holdin it down. presents:The Session featuring Task 1ne, Mahtie Bush, Hennessy. Hosted by: M.C. QBall916 and Light-Skinned Creole. Also featuring special invited guests: Kobane Shane, Akese, Ill Effect, Chip Luke, T Jones, Argolis Sounds and DJ Vangloryus on the mix. 9 pm, Freestyle cipher in effect. 21+ with valid I.D.,$5 cover presents:The Session featuring Yung Gatlin and Kuntry Blak. Also featuring performances by: DJ Vangloryus, Gwap Boiz, Rio Barz aka S.W.A.G.G., Kevi Kev, Cool District Fam, JB, Sactown, Pac the Beast, Guti B, Light Skinned Creole. Special Guests: Hennessey, Tone De Ville. Hosted by: M.C. QBall916 21+ with valid I.D.,$5 cover
Thursday April 19th - presents The Session. Featuring Cherry Red, Brutha Smith, Mello, Elise Marie, J-Point, Yung Shotty, Hype, JB, Nino Black Special invited guests Yung Gatlin and California Bear Gang Hosted by M.C. QBall916 9pm, $5, at BLUE LAMP.
Sunday March 18Th - presents The Session. Featuring DJ VANGLORYUS, ALIAS ANONYMOUS, YUNG SHOTTY, Kuntry Blak, Hennessy, Pac The Beast, J-Point, In2Win and M.C. QBall916. EMCEES!!!!! Join us in Tha Cypher as well!!!!! 8pm, $5, at BLUE LAMP.
Thursday February 16Th - presents The Session. Featuring J-Point of Vet Entertainment. Also featuring performances by: Yun Doe, Cherry Red, Frank White, Tony Endz, Argolis Sounds, M.C. QBall916, Ble Scram and PIMPBALL. EMCEES!!!!! Join us in Tha Cypher as well!!!!! 9pm, $5, at BLUE LAMP. presents The Session. Showcasing: Yung Gatlin, Sheye T, Alias Anonymous, Kuntry Blak, Cherry Red, California Bear Gang, Story Live, E-Moe, M.C. QBall916. Special invited Guests: Pete Space, DJ Vangloryus, Brown Suga, DJ K-Citi, Elevator Music Ent. Flossalini 8:30 PM,$5 Blue Lamp 1400 Alhambra Blvd Sacramento, Ca Plus a freestyle session (cipher, no battle) Jan 29th 2012 @ 8Pm. $5 Cover.
Showcasing Brand Smiff, KeviKev, MC QBall916, J-Huss, Spittlez, A.O.D., G.A.B., Madd-Son, Chantel. $100 Raffle + Beat Raffle. Also special invited guest Flossalini. Dec 29th 2011 @ 8Pm. $5 Cover. presents The Session. Showcasing S.W.A.G.G. MC QBall916, Light Skinned Creole, Project, DJ K-Citi. Sunday Nov 20th 2011 @ 8Pm. $5 Cover. presents The Session. Showcasing M.C. QBall916, S.W.A.G.G., JOEZY WELLS, FLOSSALINI and special guests from GO2WERK ENT. 8pm, 5$ ,21 and over. presents The Session!Elevator Music entertainment will be in the building!!2 video cameras rolloing!! DJ Vangloryus, D Harmony, Cherry Red, The Realists, California Bear Gang, Ty'Quan, Hennessy, Tony Endz and Frank White, M.C. QBall916. Special invited Guest Pete Space. Surprise Guests. Sunday October 16 2011. 8pm,5$,21 and over. you can freestyle with us a couple times too!
Sunday, September 25 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm. presents The Session. Showcasing M.C. QBall916, Lost and Found + Special guests, Task1ne, Argolis Sounds,Beats by Amen,HGL(Pete Space and DA The Textbook), Brand Smiff(featuring Madd Son), Young G, P Street, Kevi Kev, SWAGG, StuntMan, Aone Solo, Tu-Tone. Maybe a battle(if anybody's down). Open Mic if you get there early..... 8PM,5$ 1400 Alhambra blvd. Sacramento,Ca BLUE LAMP
Hennesy, Light-Skinned Creole, Amen, Tyquan, M.C. QBall916, Cadaver, K-Citi, Spittlez, Surprise Guests, Merchandise Giveaways 8:30pm Show Starts On Time! Blue Lamp 1400 Alhambra blvd. Sacramento, Ca 95816
August 28!!!!! presents The Session at Blue Lamp(1400 Alhambra,Sacramento,Ca 95816 8pm,show starts 8:30,5$ cover,21 and up. Featuring performances by Lost and Found, G.A.B., DJB, Cyco-Path, Kentastik, Kevi Kev, Madd Son, DC, Torch One, Pit Coleone, M80, Ble Scram And your host with the flow and floor show,M.C. QBall916. DJ Vangloryus in the house! And of course....there will be a freestyle session,and probably live drums!Don't Miss it!Door charge gets you a chance to win cash and merchandise!
Quality Hip-Hop music and entertainment from seasoned entertainers reppin' a multitude of styles.DJ Vangloryus on the mix!Featuring performances by Young G, Pete Space, Brand Smiff featuring Maddson, Trayce, M80, Tone Deville, Precise, Cadaver, M.C.QBall916(Your host) and Special surprise guests!At least one freestyle session will be jumping off,and some lucky audience member is gonna walk away 50$ richer!That's RIGHT!FREE money and merchandise raffle at some point during the night, paying your 5$admission at the door gets you your ticket!Brought to you by and sponsored by Elevator Music Entertainment.Come join us as The Session jumps off again! 21 and over.