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Thursday, 25 June 2015 09:47

Java Cafe 12-16-07

Java Cafe 12-16-07 Hosted by MC QBall. Supa Sang Hydrogliceryn, JLN, 241, Plush Lush, Mr. P Chill and DJ Nocturnal. Filmed and edited by Matthew Hollstein - 916groove.com.

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Thursday, 25 June 2015 08:47

Java Cafe 12-09-07

Java Cafe 12-09-07 - Featuring MC QBall, Confused Clarity, Big Nugget The Wi$eman, J Ali, Mr. P Chill, DJ Nocturnal, Ill Effect, Big McCullah, 241, Sol, E-Moe, Supasang, and Hydrogliceryn. Filmed and edited by Matthew Hollstein - 916groove.com.

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Monday, 16 March 2015 11:41


Sang Luangrath was born in Vientiane, Laos on November 11, 1983 to Tui Bounvanh Luangrath (Susana Vanloon). Raised by a single parent, Sang Luangrath has never known his father and has no memory of him as he was growing up. He is the oldest of two brothers. At the age of eight, he followed his mother to the United States of America, crossing over the Pacific Ocean in 1992. Sang Luangrath grew up in Orange County, first living in Garden Grove (1992-1997) and, in his early teens, moved to the west side of Fullerton on Baker St., now known as Iris Court (1997). West side of Fullerton is not your typical Orange County neighborhood. A Hispanic gang, known as the Baker St. Gang, resides there. From drive-by shootings, drug dealings, police chases, to new graffities being erased each week, West side of Fullerton is not how television depicts the OC. The environment and way of living made Sang Luangrath what he is today but is still able to keep his focus in life and reach his life long dream in music. He fell in love with music ever since he was little but never took it seriously until the age of 13.
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