qballpageTime is valuable to M.C. QBall, whom has been rapping since before his adult life began, and really would prefer to do little else... of course,as an independent artist, you must also function in many other roles to be seen and heard. QBall put on his promoter hat to organize many shows on behalf of 916groove.com, as well as many other local (Sacramento) artists, as well as hosting 916groove.com's THE SESSION, a weekly show featuring top quality local artists as well as visiting talent from around the world. In addition, QBall played journalist for 916groove.com ON THE SPOT videos, interviewing artists and fans at myriad events.

M.C. QBall is a versatile emcee, comfortable performing at scheduled appearances, jam sessions, open-mics, cars w / p.a. systems, drum circles, e.t.c., and QBall can freestyle for hours, write songs for the lab, or freestyle a song that you still don't believe was a freestyle (over 200 to date). QBall is known for his high-energy, borderline slapstick performances, mixing memorized material, freestyles, and alternate personalities in the same show. He's also known for his freestyle comedy videos w / ekin2K. Yes, the characters are all DUMB! We know! That's the point! You can watch me in various videos all over 916groove.com, I appear in over 100 of them to date.